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Infant Health Insurance

Many fail to realize that there is a limited time window in which to enroll your infant in your own health insurance policy. Most companies give you 30 days after the date of birth for your baby to add him or her to your policy. After that date, you may have to wait until the next open enrollment period for your coverage.

If you don't have your own health insurance plan, you may want to consider purchasing either a family health insurance plan, or a plan specifically for your infant.

Infant health care can be costly because the baby requires frequent checkups, immunizations, examinations, and special medications (if necessary). Pediatricians, the doctors who treat infants, are also considered specialists, so their out-of-pocket costs are going to be higher than general practitioners.

Where to Find Infant Health Coverage

If you can't cover your infant either through your current plan, or your work's group health coverage, you may want to look into one of the many health insurance companies offering individual infant health coverage.

You can also consider looking into your state's Medicaid coverage. If you're below a certain income limit, you may be eligible for state-provided health coverage.

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